Bluevale E.D.G.E. Club
Environmental Duty for a Greener Earth

We are an ECOSchools Gold school! Congratulations, Bluevale!

What do we do?
We strive for a cleaner and more green planet.

How Can You Join Us?
We meet in 3205 every Wednesday at lunch (11:10).
Tweet us at:

Teacher Sponsors are:
Mrs. D. Mlynski
Mrs. V. Miller (
Mr. D. Hunter

Current initiatives include:

Big News Items:

1. We achieved GOLD EcoSchools status for 2012-2013.

2. A Bluevale without portables is now a reality!
After all of the work done last year, the new green space is here! Stay tuned for plans for the grand opening. We will be working to thank sponsors, donors, and volunteers.

How can YOU help make Bluevale even greener?
We are not finished with our outdoor initiatives. To be a part of the next phase, be sure to come to EDGE meetings.

To make a donation to Bluevale’s Greening Project and get a tax receipt, click on the following link:
Select Bluevale CI for the Fund Designation
For Message/Instructions for: enter WEFI – Bluevale Greening Initiatives

Terracycle your sandwich bags, chocolate bar wrappers, empty beauty and personal care containers, Tassimo discs, Nespresso capsules, inkjet cartridges, cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, digital cameras, hot cereal pouches, packaging for diapers and wipes, writing instruments, and KoolAid pou8ches. Check out Terracycle for specific items. Deposit boxes are in the cafeteria.

Battery recycling: drop boxes found in the cafeteria and in 3205

Cell Phone recycling: drop box found in the cafeteria

Green Bin (organics): What goes in? Click here!
Deposit bins for organic waste can be found in the:
-Breakfast Club
-3rd floor (outside 3205)
-Family Studies foods class
-tech classes
-art classes
-science labs
-as well as in girls’ washrooms.

We fill these bins with uneaten food, paper towels, food-soiled paper products, pizza boxes, Tim Horton’s coffee cups (lids go in recycling!), and popcorn bags!

Grey Bins
Just for paper…paper…and lots of it!

Blue Bins
Mostly like at home – except the paper…
Includes plastics with the Mobius loop, drinking boxes, glass. Click here for a full list!

Last year & perhaps this year, again: Fill-A-Bin-To-Win
This is a full year E-waste recycling program. Bring your electronic waste items and place in the deposit bins in the cafeteria.