This course is not being offered again until the 2016-2017 school year.

Ongoing Newsworthy Bites this Semester

Learn the school waste diversion maps.


BCI Waste Diversion Maps - PDF Word

APA - Reference Page Sample

References Rough Work


Unit 1: Intro/Safety Unit

Course Outline / Outline 2


Information for your Science Teacher

Safety Rules

Welcome PPT

Ecology Worksheet and PPT Homework Resource

Safety Rules


Ecological Footprint Quiz

The Story of Stuff

Intro Unit "I Knows"



Unit 2: Reducing and Managing Waste

To Make You Smile...

Region of Waterloo - Waste Management Website homepage

Note 1 (solid) , 2 (liquid) , 3 (gas), 4 (5 R's), 5 (Waste Management Strategy Development)

Activity - Classifying Solid Waste at Home

Poster Project, Rough Work, and Self-Evaluation

Videos - Forever Plastic A and B, The Story of Stuff, BN-Garbage, HHWM

Assignment: Garbage and the Government


PPT - Life Cycle Assessment, Video, DVD, Soccer

Unit Topic Summary

Unit - Review Questions

Video: WALL-E

Weblinks - Waste Unit


- Under Construction

Unit 3: Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry (Sem 1)

Student Note for Sustainable Agriculture, Tales of the Sugarbush, Forests & Forest Management, and Timber Management

Student Note for Species at Risk

Assignment Sheet for Species at Risk




Semester Project - Environmental Science In The News - TBD
Ideas fo SCIENCE IN THE NEWS assignment.
-check Science Daily website (easiest source) and enter keywords to find relevant articles.



Other Stuff

Video: The Nature of Things - Green Quiz (Worksheet)

Looking for something more cerebral? Check out The Most Important Video You'll Ever See on the Internet.
It has 8 parts on YouTube and is a university level lecture. The speaker talks about some very basic concepts
that have a direct relation to much of what we discuss in this course.




Anything past this point is OLD and NOT up to date.




Unit 2: Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry (Sem 1)

Soil & Soil Uses

Soil and Its Formation - A Textbook Activity

Lab: Soil Profile

Species at Risk

Pesticide Reduction

Environmental Effects of Fertilizers

Health Risks of Fertilizers

Effects of Chemical Fertilizers on Health

Toxicity in Food Due to Chemical Fertilizers

Types of Biofertilizers

Note: Blue Baby Syndrome

Diagram: Eutrophication

Diagram: Nitrogen Cycle

Diagram: Phosphorus Cycle

The Effects of Cow Manure on the Environment


GMO - Labelling -

Hormones in Your Food

Article: Woolwich Treeplanting

Article: Pine Beetles

Video: Hungry for Change

Video: How to Boil a Frog

Food Recalls 2011:


Unit 3: Human Health and the Environment - Under Construction

Assignment: Contaminants & Human Health

Harm From Hazardous Substances

Definition Introduction


Article: Duke St. Factory

Article: Gas Stations Out To Pasture

Article: Waterloo Contaminated Sites

Benefits of Green Cleaning

Elmira Issue - Background

Elmira Issue - 2010 Update


Article: Canadian Chicken and Antibiotics

Video Clip: Missing Blueberries

Article: BPA In Canned Soup (Link)

Reading: Contaminated Water in Elmira (Questions)

Reading: Town That Lost Its Water (Questions)

Video: Up Close and Toxic

Video - Erin Brockovich


Unit 4: Conservation of Energy - Under Construction

Intro: Energy and Electricity

Poster: Energy Conservation

Article: How Gas Prices Work, Question Sheet

Alternative Energy

Article: Leaking Carbon

Issue: Fracking in New Brunswick - NEW!

Video: Eyes of Nye - Global Warming


Other Waste Management Resources:

Articles - Cost of Recycling, Ontario Shipping Garbage, Incineration, Impact at Home

LCA - Activity, Article, Group and Individual Worksheet

PPTs - Love Canal

Weblinks - Waste Unit

Diagrams/OH - Garbage Can, Biomagnification


ISU Package

Process Sheet Package

APA - Reference Page Sample